Developers Already Have a Platform
SkyLounge transforms GitHub Actions into a comprehensive and efficient automation solution for technology organizations
GitHub is the developer platform.
Developers know it

Yet, there are no shortage of automation solutions promising to be the "ultimate developer platform". Why would you burden development teams with learning something entirely new only to end up with a subpar solution?

Interactions are familiar

Developers interact with SkyLounge via pull requests and issues, GitHub features they use everyday. Automation engineers manage automation in a git repository. No steep learning curves here.

Automation is holistic

Anything you can automate in GitHub actions (which is just about anything), can be automated easily in SkyLounge. From CI/CD, to security scans, compliance reporting, and more.

The gains are unmatched.
Context switching is eliminated

What is the impact of context switching from GitHub and your IDE to your automation platform? Significant. SkyLounge is native to GitHub meaning no context switching is necessary.

AI is native to the platform

What is the impact of Copilot AI on your automation? Significant. Because SkyLounge is based on Github Actions, the industry-leading GitHub Copilot AI is avaialble to your automation engineers.

Better Software

With SkyLounge, developers are free from complex automation development and maintenance burdens and can instead focus on building features.

Better Security

With SkyLounge, platform and security teams can centrally build and maintain security automation and ensure it is current on all relevant repositories.

Better Understanding

With SkyLounge, your software, processes, and infrastructure are expressed in code and shared. Your organization builds understanding, easing onboarding, contributions, and incident response.

How it Works

Flight Plans Define Automation

Flight plans are shared across the organization and define automation to be applied to a repository. They define the core automation as well as the application-specific automation provided by developer teams. Flight plans create shared understanding, remove duplication, and go beyond just CI/CD.

Easy Configuration

A single configuration file, skylounge.yml, is checked into your repository. It defines the repository-specific configuration, including the application-specific automation that should be inserted into the flight plan. The skylounge.yml keeps control in developer hands.

Comprehensive Automation

SkyLounge generates comprehensive automation, merging the commonality of the flight plan with customizations specified in the skylounge.yml. The result is full-lifecycle automation for your repository. And to ensure developers maintain control, SkyLounge will always open a pull request rather than making changes directly. Full-featured, full-control, full-lifecycle.

Always Up to Date

SkyLounge monitors the inputs for each repository (flight plans, skylounge.yml, and automation). When any changes are detected, a new pull request is opened. There is no need for each team to implement that new security scan or update their build tools.

Frequently Asked Questions


How steep is the learning curve?

Almost non-existant. SkyLounge interacts with developers using pull requests and issues. Platform engineers will find SkyLounge to be a natural extension of GitHub. If you can build for GitHub actions, you can build for SkyLounge.

Do I need to install and operate SkyLounge to use it?

No. SkyLounge is a hosted service. If you have a need for a dedicated instance, we will run it for you (we have a flight plan for SkyLounge instances).

Does SkyLounge work with GitHub Enterprise Server and Cloud?

Yes. SkyLounge works with, GitHub Enterpise Server, and GitHub Enterprise Cloud as long as they have actions enabled. A single SkyLounge instance can work with multiple GitHub instances.

What can I automate with SkyLounge?

Anything you can automate with the GitHub actions platform. If you can execute your automation in a container image, SkyLounge can handle it.

Is SkyLounge only for applications?

No! You can build flight plans to automate just about anything, from infrastructure to processes and more. In fact, we deploy and manage SkyLounge instances with a flight plan. This involves infrastructure, configuration, applications, security, and more.

Can we use your automation?

Yes. Our significant library of flight plans, workflow templates, and job/step definitions can be used as is or as a starting point for your automation.

Can you help us build flight plans?

Yes! Flight plan authoring is a bit of an art form. We are happy to consult with you and/or bring in one of our consulting partners to help.

Does SkyLounge impact FISMA controls?

Yes. Based on our initial evaluation, we believe SkyLounge significantly contributes to the requirements of 34 controls in addition to 17 documentation controls. This has not been validated by a 3PAO. The assessment is independent of your selected deployment infrastructure, like, where you might inherit additional controls.

Is SkyLounge FedRAMP Authorized?

Not yet. We are working on securing an agency sponsor while collecting letters for a FedRAMP connect submission. If you would like to talk about being an agency sponsor or providing a letter, please contact us.

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